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Discount Oakley With the launch of the new Oakley can now accomidate in their high wrap prescription sunglasses.

Cheap Oakleysunglasses collection.Different from most companies who polarized filter to their normal non-polarized lens.

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Replica oakley sunglasses are available in all Oakley eyeglasses and the majority of 
the Oakley prescription sunglasses.

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Oakley sunglass also offers sport specific progressive lenses that have been fine tuned.



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The all-day comfort of lightweight diecast aluminum blends with the subtle flexibility of O Matter for an iconic look that honors thecore of the oakleys   sunglasses.



Up until now patients with high prescriptions have been unable to wear cheap Oakley shopping online sport performance sunglasses as the Rx parametours were too narrow to accomidate prescription of 4.00 or higher in most of the brands sport sunglasses.  With the launch of the new Oakley True Digital Edge lens technology the total prescription power that replica Oakley discount can now accomidate in their high wrap prescription sunglasse styles ranges from -4.00 to +6.00, varying by frame style. Learn more about True Digital Edge and the available lens tints on the SaltCityOptics blog.